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What makes great table centerpieces?

Wedding Reception Area

Table Decorations

1. Entertaining but not too distracting – It isn’t long before guests have finished talking about the weather or asking people nearby how they know the host. Decorations can be entertaining and invite attention. They can even engage guests to discuss other topics or reflect on their own memories and experiences. However avoid going too far. Remember your guests likely did not come to see and play with your table decorations.

2. Multi level – adds dimension however don’t go too high that it interferes with seeing other things and not too wide that you cannot adequately sit and converse around the table. This of course depends on the size of your tables. You also don’t want it to be too small or too short because it wont have an impact and is otherwise not worth the effort.

3. Matchy Matchy - You want the decor to match the atmosphere and environment that you are trying to create at your wedding or event.

4. Inexpensive – Too valuable and it wont just be the silverware that you need to worry about guests walking off with. Now this isn’t a likely problem but it is like dressing for the occasion, too much or too little and your guests might feel out of place.

5. Unique – A unique table decoration sets itself apart from other events that guests have likely gone to. Worst case would be to have the same decorations as at a previous wedding. You easily have the same theme and even use some of the same props but make it entirely unique for your wedding or event.

6. Same theme but with character – What I mean is that you want your table decorations to all follow a similar theme or design. But at the same time you want each table to be slightly different from the next which creates character. Character is of course natural when using hand crafted items. Think of a bouquet of flowers. The florist will use the same flowers and pieces but maybe varies the design or a slightly different design. Another great example is pictures in a photo holder. It would be best to use similar pictures but different shots for different tables making it fun and exciting to mix and mingle.

These are six quick ideas. Please tell us what you think. Have these or similar ideas been helpful for you? What else would you recommend?

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2009 Best Selling Wire Place Card Holder

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