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Sale! free shipping on holiday card holders $49 or more!

Sale! free shipping on holiday card holders $49 or more!

You’ve asked for is and now you’ve got it. Free standard shipping on lets you get your favorite card holder or send a gift so it arrives in 15 business days or less for FREE. This offer is for a limited time only! Sale ends Sunday November 21st at midnight so act fast!

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DIY: Handmade Ribbon Wedding Flowers

Unique Handmade, Handcrafted boutineers and wedding flowers Tutorial - Wire Home Decor Weddings

Learn how to make these handcrafted flowers for your wedding to add your own unique touch to your wedding ceremony and celebration!

Here’s a fun do-it-yourself project for any special event that can save you a little money and add an additional unique handcrafted touch to your wedding. Consider it for a great bachelorette party activity idea or as a project for bonding with your future mom and sister-in-laws!

Unique Handmade, Handcrafted boutineers and wedding flowers Tutorial - Wire Home Decor Weddings

Use ribbons, beads, and feathers that correspond with your wedding colors and the outfits you've picked for your groomsmen and bridemaids.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Tools: scissors, hot glue gun
  • Materials: ribbon, feathers, beads, felt, and your choice of clip for however you decide to incorporate your flowers,whether it be a hair clip, a boutonnière pin, headband, clasp, etc.
Unique Handmade, Handcrafted boutineers and wedding flowers Tutorial - Wire Home Decor Weddings

(1) Cut a small circle from your felt. (2) Using the hot glue gun, adhere your feathers to the felt in a circle, each pointing outward. (3) Next, create a few loops with your decorative ribbon to your liking. and glue them to the back of your feathers. (4) Flip your flower so that the felt piece is facing you, and glue your beads over the felt. (If you buy a strand of beads, keep them on the string while you place them into the hot glue and snip the ends once the beads are in place. Otherwise, you can sprinkle the beads to cover the glue and shake the excess from the flower.)

Now, depending on how you’ll be using your flower, the final step is to glue it to the clip of your choice or grab a boutonnière pin to stick it with. If you’re using a hair pin or plastic/metal headband, consider wrapping the pin or band in ribbon to created a more finished look.

And, since this is more of a girly flower, I’ve also included instructions for this simple boutonnière.

Unique Handmade, Handcrafted boutineers and wedding flowers Tutorial - Wire Home Decor Weddings

(1) Shape your ribbon into an accordion and glue the loops in place. (2) Add some small detail with a line of beads. (3) incorporate the tips of 2-4 feathers behind the ribbon (4) and add a little accent ribbon to complete the flower.

Note: After reading through my suggestions, maybe they will spark some ideas of your own. Get creative! Use whatever materials you think would look good! You’re definitely not limited to the materials I suggest.

And don’t forget! Another amazing handmade touch you can add to your celebration are wire card holders from Wire Home Decor. Use them to display table numbers, name cards, menus, engagement photos, directions for your guest book and more! Find the perfect design for your party at

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Family Friendly Buying Experience

Family Friendly christmas wire card holders

We are family owned and we like making your experience personal. Shop with confidence online at

On Saturday, we packed up the family in the car and headed down to the local Christmas gift boutique fair at the convention center. It is such a great way to get into the Christmas mood to do some window shopping from inside a heated building. It is especially nice to see all the mom and pop shops with fantastic one of a kind products, toys and art. We love the personal feel of meeting and greeting people who have so much passion for what they do.

We try and create the same atmosphere for each of our customers. We are a family owned business and most of the day to day work is done by my wife and I. We want each of our products to be loved and cherished. Most of the time we don’t even ever see our customers or talk to them. However we want you all to know that we stand by our products with top notch service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Shop with confidence online at Happy Holidays!

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Spiral Pick in a Pumpkin

Spiral Wire Pick in a Pumpkin

Spiral Wire Pick in a Pumpkin

Quick tip: consider putting the spiral wire card picks in a pumpkin to mark food at your dinner buffet.

The spiral wire pick is a very popular option that comes in four sizes: 4, 6, 8, or 10 inches tall. Put the card holder in a pumpkin like shown or in another vase or object to easily mark tables, define seating arrangements, or label food in a buffet. Order now.

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Dinner Event Table Markers

We are approaching the best time of year for family dinners and friends getting together. So, whether you are planning a potluck or the traditional thanksgiving dinner, consider simplifying the event by clearly labeling items, tables, and seating.

We offer a variety of affordable place card holders and table markers. Place card holders are functional and add a touch of class. It is important that your card holders aren’t overbearing and distract from the mood and atmosphere.

Click here to browse the place card holders now

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Christmas is Coming

Wire Christmas Card Holder

It isn’t long after Halloween and you start seeing promotions for Christmas sales and toys. I’m always a little shocked and begin to wonder if it is all starting earlier then it did the year before. Regardless this is my absolute favorite time of the year.

This year I’m hoping we aren’t too caught off guard with Christmas orders. We’ve been working hard since late September to stock up on all of our items not just the most popular ones. In a way I feel a lot like one of Santa’s elves working away in the shop till the big day comes.

Last year’s favorites where the four foot curly wire card holder and the two foot desktop card holder.

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New Holiday Card Holder Website

I am pleased to announce the new holiday card holder website is complete and ready to begin processing orders. We are still working on adding all the products and updating the product descriptions for the 2010 holiday season.

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First Product Giveaway – Christmas ’09

On December 7, 2009 we participated in our first product giveaway on a local blog. Give Away Today

It was a lot of fun and hopefully a successful marketing technique. See the post on Give Away Today and congratulations to the winner!

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Wire Pumpkins

wire_pumpkin_300x190Fall is my favorite season! I absolutely love these mini pumpkins! The products in the pictures do not have a place to hold a card. However, we hand make everything, so we could add an extra loop to place a card in (If you place an order, just send us an email to let us know how you would like them!). I think these would be perfect for decorations or as a place card holder at a holiday meal. They work great for Halloween or Thanksgiving!

Click here to view the Mini Pumpkins on our website. You can also purchase them from our secure website if you are interested.

UPDATED: We made some upgrades recently to our site. Now you can order these wire pumpkin place card holders quickly and securely in time for your Thanksgiving dinner or fall event!

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Our First Wedding Card Holder Video

This our first YouTube video. I made it about 2 years ago for a bride in Australia interested in our heart place card holders and heart table markers for her wedding. She subsequently ordered quite a few.

How can I make the video more appealing?

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