Celebrate with a delicious dessert and a card holder pick

Consider this super cute way to decorate at a wedding, party, or other event. Use one of these wire picks in a table centerpiece, a flower vase, a potted plant or a cake on another delicious treat. Then place a table number, picture or another paper product to label a treat. These are a really easy way to decorate a buffet table, and then, they even make a great party favor.

We don’t only have this Heart Card Holder Pick, but also a Circle Card Holder Pick, Spiral Card Holder Pick, Star Card Holder Pick. And we also have free standing wire card holders that have bases you can set up on the table, check out the “True Love” Hearts Wedding Collection wire card and photo holders.

Cards courtesy of blushandbeau.com.

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Planning a Party?

With holidays around the corner, there is plenty to celebrate! To help spark some ideas of your own, here are ways customers have used wire card holders at their parties:

Adysen's birthday Celebration - wire card holders

These photos are from 2-year old Adysen's birthday party. Whatever the event you're celebrating, wire card and photo holders can add some fun decoration or direction for your guests.

If you’re featuring a main dish, desserts, or drinks as a theme to your party, consider decorating your table with buffet labels for the variety of the featured refreshment. For example, if you’re having a hot chocolate party, label peppermint hot chocolate, vanilla hot chocolate, and caramel and honey hot chocolates, etc. Or if you’re having pies for dessert label the banana cream pie, the pumpkin pie, the pecan pie, etc.

Homemade Icecream Labels - wirecardholders.com

These star and heart card holders were used to label the homemade ice creams offered at Adysen's Party. Decorate your wedding or holiday party buffet table with labels and wire card holders for the dishes and desserts you offer.

If you have photos of ways you’ve decorated events, parties, and weddings or  just around the house using wire card/photo holders from us, share them with us! E-mail your photos to jen@wirecardholder.com and you could be featured on our blog!

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Free Gift Message

Do you want to buy a card holder and ship it as a gift? Save yourself a step and let us do the work for you. Simply fill out a gift message when you place your order. Then provide the shipping address for the gift recipient.

We have gift ideas for the whole family. New for this season is the Star Wreath Card Holder.  The Curly Wire Card Holder is our bestseller and sure to look great on any wall. We have other styles of  wall and wreath card holders available. The Desktop Card holder is great for your shelf, mantel, or desk. We also have a variety of small wire card holders and a recipe card holder.

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DIY: Handmade Ribbon Wedding Flowers

Unique Handmade, Handcrafted boutineers and wedding flowers Tutorial - Wire Home Decor Weddings

Learn how to make these handcrafted flowers for your wedding to add your own unique touch to your wedding ceremony and celebration!

Here’s a fun do-it-yourself project for any special event that can save you a little money and add an additional unique handcrafted touch to your wedding. Consider it for a great bachelorette party activity idea or as a project for bonding with your future mom and sister-in-laws!

Unique Handmade, Handcrafted boutineers and wedding flowers Tutorial - Wire Home Decor Weddings

Use ribbons, beads, and feathers that correspond with your wedding colors and the outfits you've picked for your groomsmen and bridemaids.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Tools: scissors, hot glue gun
  • Materials: ribbon, feathers, beads, felt, and your choice of clip for however you decide to incorporate your flowers,whether it be a hair clip, a boutonnière pin, headband, clasp, etc.
Unique Handmade, Handcrafted boutineers and wedding flowers Tutorial - Wire Home Decor Weddings

(1) Cut a small circle from your felt. (2) Using the hot glue gun, adhere your feathers to the felt in a circle, each pointing outward. (3) Next, create a few loops with your decorative ribbon to your liking. and glue them to the back of your feathers. (4) Flip your flower so that the felt piece is facing you, and glue your beads over the felt. (If you buy a strand of beads, keep them on the string while you place them into the hot glue and snip the ends once the beads are in place. Otherwise, you can sprinkle the beads to cover the glue and shake the excess from the flower.)

Now, depending on how you’ll be using your flower, the final step is to glue it to the clip of your choice or grab a boutonnière pin to stick it with. If you’re using a hair pin or plastic/metal headband, consider wrapping the pin or band in ribbon to created a more finished look.

And, since this is more of a girly flower, I’ve also included instructions for this simple boutonnière.

Unique Handmade, Handcrafted boutineers and wedding flowers Tutorial - Wire Home Decor Weddings

(1) Shape your ribbon into an accordion and glue the loops in place. (2) Add some small detail with a line of beads. (3) incorporate the tips of 2-4 feathers behind the ribbon (4) and add a little accent ribbon to complete the flower.

Note: After reading through my suggestions, maybe they will spark some ideas of your own. Get creative! Use whatever materials you think would look good! You’re definitely not limited to the materials I suggest.

And don’t forget! Another amazing handmade touch you can add to your celebration are wire card holders from Wire Home Decor. Use them to display table numbers, name cards, menus, engagement photos, directions for your guest book and more! Find the perfect design for your party at www.wirecardholders.com.

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Spiral Pick in a Pumpkin

Spiral Wire Pick in a Pumpkin

Spiral Wire Pick in a Pumpkin

Quick tip: consider putting the spiral wire card picks in a pumpkin to mark food at your dinner buffet.

The spiral wire pick is a very popular option that comes in four sizes: 4, 6, 8, or 10 inches tall. Put the card holder in a pumpkin like shown or in another vase or object to easily mark tables, define seating arrangements, or label food in a buffet. Order now.

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Our First Wedding Card Holder Video

This our first YouTube video. I made it about 2 years ago for a bride in Australia interested in our heart place card holders and heart table markers for her wedding. She subsequently ordered quite a few.

How can I make the video more appealing?

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What makes great table centerpieces?

Wedding Reception Area

Table Decorations

1. Entertaining but not too distracting – It isn’t long before guests have finished talking about the weather or asking people nearby how they know the host. Decorations can be entertaining and invite attention. They can even engage guests to discuss other topics or reflect on their own memories and experiences. However avoid going too far. Remember your guests likely did not come to see and play with your table decorations.

2. Multi level – adds dimension however don’t go too high that it interferes with seeing other things and not too wide that you cannot adequately sit and converse around the table. This of course depends on the size of your tables. You also don’t want it to be too small or too short because it wont have an impact and is otherwise not worth the effort.

3. Matchy Matchy - You want the decor to match the atmosphere and environment that you are trying to create at your wedding or event.

4. Inexpensive – Too valuable and it wont just be the silverware that you need to worry about guests walking off with. Now this isn’t a likely problem but it is like dressing for the occasion, too much or too little and your guests might feel out of place.

5. Unique – A unique table decoration sets itself apart from other events that guests have likely gone to. Worst case would be to have the same decorations as at a previous wedding. You easily have the same theme and even use some of the same props but make it entirely unique for your wedding or event.

6. Same theme but with character – What I mean is that you want your table decorations to all follow a similar theme or design. But at the same time you want each table to be slightly different from the next which creates character. Character is of course natural when using hand crafted items. Think of a bouquet of flowers. The florist will use the same flowers and pieces but maybe varies the design or a slightly different design. Another great example is pictures in a photo holder. It would be best to use similar pictures but different shots for different tables making it fun and exciting to mix and mingle.

These are six quick ideas. Please tell us what you think. Have these or similar ideas been helpful for you? What else would you recommend?

View our collection of unique table decorations, photo holders, and place card holders. Each of our products are hand crafted and ready to order for your wedding or event.

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2009 Best Selling Wire Place Card Holder

Best Selling Wedding Place Card Holders or Table Markers

Our Heart Place Card Holder continue to be our best seller for those looking for a unique wedding place card holder or table marker.

The picture shown is the 5 inch tall place card holder. If you find yourself planning a wedding or event you’ll love the simple, sleek design that complements almost any wedding decor. These wire place card holders are a perfect match for a contemporary wedding.

Each heart place card holder is hand crafted making these metal place card holders truly unique. Also note that our dedication to your satisfaction does not stop there. We offer fast shipping (for those last minute brides) and a satisfaction guarantee.

We are confident that these unique place card holders will continue to be a best seller and a hit at your wedding or event. Click here for more information and to buy.

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