Something your Valentine will Love

Large Wall Heart

Valentines Gift: Large Wall Heart

Valentines Day can be a tough holiday. Finding the perfect gift doesn’t always work out as perfectly as one can hope. We totally understand that you want to give something unique and thoughtful, and so we have the perfect solution for you.

True Love Heart Photo Holder

Valentines Gift: True Love Heart Photo Holder

Say I love you to your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, son, daughter, mom, dad, whoever by giving them a handmade photo holder from wire home decor. It’s a thoughtful and useful gift anyone would love. We have heart shaped wire photo holders for this very occasion, and when you gift a wire card and photo holder, include a couple of your favorite photos of your self or you and that loved one. Click on the images for more details or see all of our heart products here.

These wire photo holders are also great for displaying photos, menus and table numbers at events and weddings. If you’re thinking about throwing a Valentine party these could be perfect for buffet labels or centerpiece decorations.

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Looking for some last minute gifts?

Not only are wire card holders a great way to decorate for the holiday season, they also make great gifts that can be useful for everyone!

Consider giving a desktop wire card holder as a gift to Dad or Mom to display family photos on their desk at work.

Desktop wire card holder - gift for dad - gift for mom -

Looking for the perfect gift for mom or dad? The desktop wire card holder can be an excellent way for them to display photos and notes at work.

Or a curly wire card holder to Grandma and Grandpa so they can show off photos of all the grandkids.

Curly wire all card and photo holder - gift for grandma and grandpa -

Grandma and Grandpa, aunts and uncles, and family friends would love to recieve this curly wire card holder to display photos of family and friends and cards and announcements in their homes all year.

Or even if you’re looking for a great gift to give a teenager, the new star card holder and door hook can serve as the perfect place for them to display photos and notes from friends.

star card holder - great gift for teenagers, sons and daughters -

Hook this to a closet or bedroom door or wall and add your photos. This star wire card holder makes an exceptional gift for teens and gives them a place to put up photos of friends and paper memorabilia.

Check out the Wire Home Decor Web site for more products that can fit as gifts for all your family and friends.

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Displaying your Holiday Cards, Greetings, and photos on the Mantel

The space on or above your fireplace mantel can be the perfect spot to showcase all the Christmas Cards and Photos you receive this season.

Wire Card Holder - Desktop Photo and Card Holder

Use a Desktop Photo and Card Holder on top of your mantel, your coffee table, or as a dining room centerpeice to showcase cards, greetings, and photos from family and friends.

Place a desktop holder on the mantel and fill it with Holiday greetings from friends and family, or use a long wall hanging holder attached above the mantle as your display.

Wire Card Holders - Wall Wire Photo and Card Holders

Use Wall Wire Photo and Card Holders on the wall above your fireplace mantel, in your home's entryway, or above the piano or end tables in your living room.

The best part about these card and photo holders is that they don’t have to come down when the holiday season is through. Use them to display family photos and greetings year round.

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Free Gift Message

Do you want to buy a card holder and ship it as a gift? Save yourself a step and let us do the work for you. Simply fill out a gift message when you place your order. Then provide the shipping address for the gift recipient.

We have gift ideas for the whole family. New for this season is the Star Wreath Card Holder.  The Curly Wire Card Holder is our bestseller and sure to look great on any wall. We have other styles of  wall and wreath card holders available. The Desktop Card holder is great for your shelf, mantel, or desk. We also have a variety of small wire card holders and a recipe card holder.

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Recipe Card Holders that make preparing Holiday Treats and Meals a little easier

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope everyone enjoyed their weekend with family, friends, and good food.

Delcious Homemade Pumpkin Cup Cakes -  Wire Card Holders

BreAna's Delicious Homemade Pumpkin Cup Cakes

One of the troubles we stumbled across this weekend as we prepared our Thanksgiving meal was the clutter created from all the ingredients sprawled across the kitchen counter. With several side dishes and treats being prepared at once, it was easy to lose our recipe cards under the clutter. And since we have a whole new holiday month ahead of us, filled with plenty of baking, testing new recipes, and entertaining family and friends, I thought to suggest one of our favorite products that actually doubles as a recipe card holder and Christmas tree ornament.

Heart Photo Holder Ornament - Wire Card Holders

Hook this card holder to your kitchen cabinets to hold your recipe cards while cooking all year round, then use it to decorate your Christmas tree during the holidays.

The Heart Recipe Card/Photo Holder Ornament also makes a great gift for avid bakers. Pair a couple recipe card holders with a set of blank recipe cards to gift to all the great cooks in your life.

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What to do with Old Christmas Cards

Alton recently found a great summary for what to do with old Christmas cards that suggested saving your Christmas cards received during the holiday and reusing them to decorate the next year. Some of the suggestions were to put old cards on the refrigerator, tape them to doors and the woodwork of the doorway, and using them to decorate the tree. This sparked some great ideas of our own, and of course, we thought to share.

For this Season’s Christmas Cards, We Suggest:

Wire Holiday Wall Wreath Card Holder with cards from

Wire Holiday Wall Wreath Card Holder with cards from

You can use Christmas Card Holders to display Holiday Greeting Cards from this season. Gradually add the cards and photos from your friends and family to the greeting card holder as you receive them during the Holiday Season. Choose from the Curly Wire Card Holder, the Small Wire Wreath Card Holder, the Desktop Photo Holder, or another one of our Christmas Card Holders, and use them throughout the whole year to hold paper keepsakes like family photos, birth announcements and wedding invitations.

As for past Holiday cards, you can re-purpose them and use them in festive Christmas Projects to decorate your home and use for gifts.

3 Ways to Reuse Last Year’s Christmas Cards:

What to do with old Christmas Cards - Wire Home Decor

Christmas cards can be used as decorative borders in a picture frame.

1. Create decorative photo boarders. Often times, Christmas Cards are images or designs that can be used as decorative boarders around framed pictures. This can be a great way to display past Christmas Photos. Just cut a square to fit your photo and frame the picture.

What to do with old Christmas Cards - Wire Home Decor

Use old Christmas cards to create new cards and gift tags.

2. Design new Christmas cards and gift tags. Using pieces of last season’s cards, create your own handmade cards to send out with gifts.

What to do with old Christmas Cards - Wire Home Decor

Use pieces of old Christmas cards in scrapbook projects.

3. Incorporate pieces of cards into a scrapbook project. Since many cards have pressed and embossed elements, they can be used to create scrapbook pages with beautiful decorative detail.

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SALE Free Standard Shipping

Sale! free shipping on holiday card holders $49 or more!

Sale! free shipping on holiday card holders $49 or more!

You’ve asked for is and now you’ve got it. Free standard shipping on lets you get your favorite card holder or send a gift so it arrives in 15 business days or less for FREE. This offer is for a limited time only! Sale ends Sunday November 21st at midnight so act fast!

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Family Friendly Buying Experience

Family Friendly christmas wire card holders

We are family owned and we like making your experience personal. Shop with confidence online at

On Saturday, we packed up the family in the car and headed down to the local Christmas gift boutique fair at the convention center. It is such a great way to get into the Christmas mood to do some window shopping from inside a heated building. It is especially nice to see all the mom and pop shops with fantastic one of a kind products, toys and art. We love the personal feel of meeting and greeting people who have so much passion for what they do.

We try and create the same atmosphere for each of our customers. We are a family owned business and most of the day to day work is done by my wife and I. We want each of our products to be loved and cherished. Most of the time we don’t even ever see our customers or talk to them. However we want you all to know that we stand by our products with top notch service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Shop with confidence online at Happy Holidays!

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Christmas is Coming

Wire Christmas Card Holder

It isn’t long after Halloween and you start seeing promotions for Christmas sales and toys. I’m always a little shocked and begin to wonder if it is all starting earlier then it did the year before. Regardless this is my absolute favorite time of the year.

This year I’m hoping we aren’t too caught off guard with Christmas orders. We’ve been working hard since late September to stock up on all of our items not just the most popular ones. In a way I feel a lot like one of Santa’s elves working away in the shop till the big day comes.

Last year’s favorites where the four foot curly wire card holder and the two foot desktop card holder.

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New Holiday Card Holder Website

I am pleased to announce the new holiday card holder website is complete and ready to begin processing orders. We are still working on adding all the products and updating the product descriptions for the 2010 holiday season.

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