Planning a Party?

With holidays around the corner, there is plenty to celebrate! To help spark some ideas of your own, here are ways customers have used wire card holders at their parties:

Adysen's birthday Celebration - wire card holders

These photos are from 2-year old Adysen's birthday party. Whatever the event you're celebrating, wire card and photo holders can add some fun decoration or direction for your guests.

If you’re featuring a main dish, desserts, or drinks as a theme to your party, consider decorating your table with buffet labels for the variety of the featured refreshment. For example, if you’re having a hot chocolate party, label peppermint hot chocolate, vanilla hot chocolate, and caramel and honey hot chocolates, etc. Or if you’re having pies for dessert label the banana cream pie, the pumpkin pie, the pecan pie, etc.

Homemade Icecream Labels -

These star and heart card holders were used to label the homemade ice creams offered at Adysen's Party. Decorate your wedding or holiday party buffet table with labels and wire card holders for the dishes and desserts you offer.

If you have photos of ways you’ve decorated events, parties, and weddings orĀ  just around the house using wire card/photo holders from us, share them with us! E-mail your photos to and you could be featured on our blog!

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