What to do with Old Christmas Cards

Alton recently found a great summary for what to do with old Christmas cards that suggested saving your Christmas cards received during the holiday and reusing them to decorate the next year. Some of the suggestions were to put old cards on the refrigerator, tape them to doors and the woodwork of the doorway, and using them to decorate the tree. This sparked some great ideas of our own, and of course, we thought to share.

For this Season’s Christmas Cards, We Suggest:

Wire Holiday Wall Wreath Card Holder with cards from Wirehomedecor.com

Wire Holiday Wall Wreath Card Holder with cards from holidaycardholders.com

You can use Christmas Card Holders to display Holiday Greeting Cards from this season. Gradually add the cards and photos from your friends and family to the greeting card holder as you receive them during the Holiday Season. Choose from the Curly Wire Card Holder, the Small Wire Wreath Card Holder, the Desktop Photo Holder, or another one of our Christmas Card Holders, and use them throughout the whole year to hold paper keepsakes like family photos, birth announcements and wedding invitations.

As for past Holiday cards, you can re-purpose them and use them in festive Christmas Projects to decorate your home and use for gifts.

3 Ways to Reuse Last Year’s Christmas Cards:

What to do with old Christmas Cards - Wire Home Decor

Christmas cards can be used as decorative borders in a picture frame.

1. Create decorative photo boarders. Often times, Christmas Cards are images or designs that can be used as decorative boarders around framed pictures. This can be a great way to display past Christmas Photos. Just cut a square to fit your photo and frame the picture.

What to do with old Christmas Cards - Wire Home Decor

Use old Christmas cards to create new cards and gift tags.

2. Design new Christmas cards and gift tags. Using pieces of last season’s cards, create your own handmade cards to send out with gifts.

What to do with old Christmas Cards - Wire Home Decor

Use pieces of old Christmas cards in scrapbook projects.

3. Incorporate pieces of cards into a scrapbook project. Since many cards have pressed and embossed elements, they can be used to create scrapbook pages with beautiful decorative detail.

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