Recipe Card Holders that make preparing Holiday Treats and Meals a little easier

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope everyone enjoyed their weekend with family, friends, and good food.

Delcious Homemade Pumpkin Cup Cakes -  Wire Card Holders

BreAna's Delicious Homemade Pumpkin Cup Cakes

One of the troubles we stumbled across this weekend as we prepared our Thanksgiving meal was the clutter created from all the ingredients sprawled across the kitchen counter. With several side dishes and treats being prepared at once, it was easy to lose our recipe cards under the clutter. And since we have a whole new holiday month ahead of us, filled with plenty of baking, testing new recipes, and entertaining family and friends, I thought to suggest one of our favorite products that actually doubles as a recipe card holder and Christmas tree ornament.

Heart Photo Holder Ornament - Wire Card Holders

Hook this card holder to your kitchen cabinets to hold your recipe cards while cooking all year round, then use it to decorate your Christmas tree during the holidays.

The Heart Recipe Card/Photo Holder Ornament also makes a great gift for avid bakers. Pair a couple recipe card holders with a set of blank recipe cards to gift to all the great cooks in your life.

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